Boardroom of Diamond Dreams

A new piece of art now decorates one of the walls of the boardroom of the Diamond Dreams offices in the Antwerp Diamond Bourse

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Antwerp meets Antwerp – Ziv Knoll pronounces welcome speech

The Board of Directors of the ‘Beurs voor Diamanthandel’ organized an event called ‘Antwerp Meets Antwerp’ for local diamond manufacturers and traders to display their polished diamonds in the hall of the ‘Beurs voor Diamanthandel’. Ziv had the honor of pronouncing the welcoming keynote speech. […]

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Ziv Knoll, founder and CEO of Diamond Dreams

Ziv Knoll At Work Ziv Knoll is the founder and managing director of Diamond Dreams. He is the 3d generation diamond trader in his family and enjoys an impeccable worldwide reputation throughout the diamond business. Ziv is an [...]

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Ziv Knoll elected member of the board at Antwerp Diamond Bourse

Tradition. Integrity. Accountability. The Antwerp Diamond Bourse (Beurs Voor Diamanthandel) is governed by twelve Board members, elected for a period of 4 years. Half the Board is eligible for re-election every two years, providing members with an opportunity for change if they so wish. […]

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Hong Kong Show September 2016

Hong Kong – Diamond Dream’s experience this year Upon leaving towards Hong Kong, I felt al lot of uncertainty surrounding me in the diamond trade. To say that most exhibitors went to this show with relatively low expectations is an understatement. I’d like to share some thoughts that crossed my mind, and I jotted down, during the long flight to Hong there […]

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