Just back since a few days from the Hong Kong Diamond show. Always an exciting place to be. “There was a clear positive mood” says Ziv Knoll, CEO of Diamond Dreams.

Ziv’s view on the Hong Kong Diamond Show


While it is true that most jewelers are more prudent than in the past when buying, there is a clear-cut market segment that knows the value of high quality Antwerp cut diamonds. One of my oldest customers summarized it well. It’s hard to compete in the lower segments, because there’s always someone willing to undercut you on price.

In the higher end of the market, renowned jewelers that built their business on trust and not purely on volume, find their clients to remain loyal. But at the same time more demanding than ever before on beauty and quality. Which, from our point of view, is a good evolution for Diamond Dreams as a business.

Diamond Dreams and the market evolution

Diamond Dreams specializes in perfect make, or ideal cut, diamonds. Ideal cut diamonds are always the most beautiful. In a perfect make diamond, all light entering, no matter from what direction or angle, will fully exit out the top of the stone. This is what gives a perfect make diamond more sparkle and brilliance than any other stone.

These ‘ideal make’ stones are geared towards the higher end of the market. Which means that the trend some speak of, ie jewelers who are replacing their higher-value inventory with lower-priced goods, because these are their fastest-selling items, barely affects us.

Our philosophy is that the quality of the stones will largely determine the beauty of the jewel you set them in. This and our service minded attitude makes us a preferred suppliers of high-end jewelry boutiques.


If you are a high end jeweler anywhere in the world, get in touch with us and experience our friendly, client-focused business attitude.