The Board of Directors of the ‘Beurs voor Diamanthandel’ organized an event called ‘Antwerp Meets Antwerp’ for local diamond manufacturers and traders to display their polished diamonds in the hall of the ‘Beurs voor Diamanthandel’. Ziv had the honor of pronouncing the welcoming keynote speech.

The Antwerp Meets Antwerp event is a Diamond Manufacturers and Traders Fair. An initiative in cooperation with the other Antwerp diamond bourses.

Ziv Knoll gave this welcome speech to the attendants, as representative of the Board of Directors of which he is a member.

It is essential to commit to actively supporting the wellbeing of the diamond trade in general, beyond one’s own business. We’re in this together and depend on each other strongly in order to maintain Antwerp’s dominant position as the number one diamond trading center in the world.

Ziv likes to point out the following quote by Peter Drucker, management consultant, educator and author: “The best way to predict your future is to create it“. A hands-on voluntaristic attitude is an absolute requirement in the current market environment.

With regard to collaboration amongst colleagues and competitors Ziv likes to add the following bit of wisdom, pronounced by Albert Einstein: “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

A commitment to the wellbeing and prosperity of the entire diamond industry is an absolute must for all members who aspire to be part of the Board of Directors. Ziv fits that part perfectly.