Tradition. Integrity. Accountability.

The Antwerp Diamond Bourse (Beurs Voor Diamanthandel) is governed by twelve Board members, elected for a period of 4 years. Half the Board is eligible for re-election every two years, providing members with an opportunity for change if they so wish.

Membership of the Board is a benevolent mandate, as the board members are unpaid volunteers. They are devoted to the advancement of the diamond business, as well as to the stewardship of the bourse as a physical building and an institution.

Ziv Knoll has been elected as a board member. This is a clear recognition of his excellent standing within the diamond community.

ziv-knoll-board-antwerp-diamond-bourseYou cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today. Leadership – business leadership as well – is about taking responsibility, not making excuses.“, says Ziv.

I’ve been raised by my father Marcel, for whom integrity, dignity, respect, assuming responsibility for one’s choices and actions were key values. But at the same time, my mother Gila imparted elements of character such as kindness, empathy, grace, gentleness, patience and solicitude, to my younger brother and myself. I belief this mix has largely made me who I am a a person, as a human being.

If you ask around in the Antwerp Diamond Bourse about Ziv Knoll, you will certainly hear people confirm these character traits, this personality. They will probably add his seemingly permanent good humor to the mix. Therefore the entire board and the Antwerp diamond community is happy with the election of Ziv to this position.

Within the board he is specifically in charge of conflict resolution between members, a member of the ‘budget committee’, security and following up on rental payments.