Taylor made fine diamonds

A vibrantly talented Antwerp diamond trader, Ziv Knoll has been hailed by both celebrity and private clients for three decades.

Inspired by pure glamour, his collections – from loose diamonds to taylor-made unique pieces of jewelry – are consistently featured in the most exclusive boutiques and at red carpet gatherings worldwide.

Ziv Knoll grew up in Antwerp (Belgium). He became the 3d generation in his family to be active in the diamond business. Ziv was captivated by people and events that were chic and glamorous and knew he wanted a career in that world. So he started out managing accountancy and the back-office of the family company and learned customer service first hand by calling on very demanding retail clients in Asia.

While successful, he realized a greater interest in exclusive diamonds and leveraged that early experience to become an avid apprentice.

Dedication to creation at the highest level in producing the finest in luxury goods has been Ziv Knoll’s purpose, since the birth of Diamond Dreams.


“Expert polishers and artisans skillfully work on each and every stone in order to realize the perfect make as often as possible. Commitment to workmanship and talent combined with the most advanced techniques allow us to generate authentic, rare products of unsurpassed standards and quality.”

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Feel free to contact us in either way you see fit. We serve high-end wholesalers, the most exclusive boutiques and – on private appointment – a very limited number of customers who wish to see us in our ‘salon privé’ in Antwerp

The speciality: perfect make diamonds


Diamond Dreams specializes in perfect make, or ideal cut, diamonds. Ideal cut diamonds are always the most beautiful. In a perfect make diamond, all light entering, no matter from what direction or angle, will fully exit out the top of the stone. This is what gives a perfect make diamond more sparkle and brilliance than any other stone. 

What Can Diamond Dreams do for you?


Diamond Dreams has a well-merited reputation for meticulous quality control and a reliability of supply that is rock solid. Ziv has an open and amiable character. He demonstrates caring and unconditional positive regard to the other person’s point of view. He is always working to serve all parties’ best interests. And on top of that, he always looks at the bright side of life and is genuinely pleasant to work with.

Invest wisely in diamonds. Buy them at the source.




Diamonds are an excellent investment for several reasons

In general, diamonds are likely to increase in value. This value augmentation is caused by significant increase in demand and decrease in supply. In addition to this, they are also a safe investment, if you buy them with the guiding hand of an expert such as Ziv Knoll at your side. Among other advantages such as high liquidity and the tax friendly aspect, they also contain a priceless emotional aspect.

No other financial investment can offer you this unique combination

“As a highly qualified and experienced professional with more than 30 years of experience in the trade, I provide extensive diamond knowledge and guidance, to corporate and private investors/buyers. Furthermore, at Diamond Dreams we offer a wide range of specialist services to investors who want to add polished diamonds to their investment portfolio in order to increase its profitability, diversity & stability.

Diamond Dream’s mission is to maximize the chances for enjoyment and future profitability of your diamond purchases or investments.”

Ziv Knoll, CEO of Diamond Dreams, Antwerp – Belgium

Ziv Knoll At Work


Ziv Knoll is the founder and managing director of Diamond Dreams. He is the 3d generation diamond trader in his family and enjoys an impeccable worldwide reputation throughout the diamond business. Ziv is an elected member of the Antwerp Diamond Bourse board, a task he is committed to. This is a non-remunerated contribution to the further development of the industry. Through his company, he is the supplier of choice for many of the greatest jewelry brands you’ll encounter in the high streets of such cities as Paris, Milan, London, New York, Hong Kong and more. Stroll along the windows of the fanciest jewelry boutiques on Bond Street, Rodeo Drive or Place Vendôme and feel free to dream about Diamond Dream’s stones.

Ziv’s passion for speed


When Ziv is not at work, and not at home with his wonderful wife Carla and their 3 children, you can be almost certain to find him on a racing circuit. Car racing, especially Formula 1, has been Ziv’s passion and obsession since early childhood. A few years ago he made a second career out of his atrraction to this sport. He is a professional journalist and editorialist for F1i.com, the single largest French language website dealing with the world of Formula 1. Moreover, you’ll regularly find him in the pits of F1 races, together with his brother in arms Pierre Van Vliet. It won’t surprise you to read that Ziv is also somewhat of a racer himself and a car devotee.

Read and watch his latest editorial on the current F1 season here.


The Most Prestigious Diamonds

Pure Luxury In Your Life

If you want to enjoy the highest standard in diamonds, get in touch with Ziv Knoll at Diamond Dreams. Thanks to him you will be able to enjoy the glitz and glitter of dazzling large diamonds. All the while being 100% sure that you are dealing with a reputable firm that enjoys a flawless standing within the diamond industry.